The Music of Grace Episcopal Church

Music is an intricate part of Episcopal worship. Grace Episcopal Church is proud to be home of an original Allen T-3 Organ that was previously in use at the Chapel of Notre Dame University. This Newly acquired instrument replaces our previous Hammond C3 that was donated to the church in 1954 by Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, two cornerstones of the Episcopal Church in Vernon. Steve Hennessee has been playing the organ for more than 20 years for area churches. Steve is a native of Vernon. He has attended Vernon College and the Houston School of Floral Design. Steve's style of playing is reflective of early Lutheran and Baptist roots.

Melinda Fulford is also active as substitute service accompanist. Melinda is an accomplished pianist and guitarist who plays for special events at the church.

Erika China and Thomas Keith often fill the sanctuary with vocal devotionals for special occasions.

Steve Hennessee,

Music Minister/Organist

"Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs." Psalm 150.